The Health Benefits of Ballet for Children

Health Benefits of Ballet for Children


If any of your children have expressed an interest and eagerness in dance, then ballet classes could be the ideal way for them to have fun while also getting fit and healthy at the same time.
It doesn’t matter whether they are two or 12 years old, ballet classes with us in London, Maida Vale, Kensal Rise, Marylebone and North Kensington can help promote physical strength and agility, boost concentration and also help the child to develop an understanding of music and rhythm that not many other hobbies can.

Here are the benefits of signing your child up to a quality ballet class at Bluebirds Ballet

The physical benefits

Like most forms of dancing, ballet is very physically intense. Your child will improve their muscular strength and flexibility while dancing. Ballet can also improve overall cardiovascular health and stamina.

The social benefits

Ballet classes give kids a chance to meet others with similar interests and attending these classes regularly can help children forge new friendships and overcome shyness, while also improving their teamwork and communication skills.

The emotional benefits

Not only is ballet a great way to improve physical health, but it can also significantly improve a child’s mental and emotional health. As they continue to master more challenging routines, they are left feeling full of confidence and pride. This self-esteem boost can carry over to other aspects of life. Dancing is also a way of relaxing and forgetting a lot of stresses that they may have in school, as well as being a productive way of getting rid of excess energy in the evenings.

Educational benefits

The challenging ballet combinations are proven to enhance sensory awareness and cognition. The better the child gets at ballet, the more their attention and memory skills improve. These are skills that can benefit your child in all areas of life.