The Night Before Xmas Show!

The Night Before Xmas Ballet Show!

When I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance and decided to open my own ballet school my mission was to create a friendly dance school open to all with a quality teaching that would inspire the students to work to the best of their ability and create lasting happy memories of this beautiful art form.

It was also my intention to create performance opportunities to take the ballet experience to the next level. When it comes to teaching ballet we never quite know what age group of children are going to be our students, with Bluebirds Ballet School when I opened the doors 6 years ago there was real demand for preschool ballet. So I put my dreams of creating an end of year show to creating fun classes that would promote the joy of ballet and hoped the children would continue with their ballet studies. The school has now grown up and those children are ready to put on their first show! On Sunday 27th November 2016 they will be dancing a 1 Act Ballet of The Night Before Christmas, approximately 100 children will be performing at the Sarah Siddon’s Theatre in Paddington. The show has been choreographed by Jenna Lee, previous soloist with the English National Ballet and choreographer of the renowned London Children’s Ballet Company. The children as already very excited and eager to work hard in making the show the best they can. Most of them have had experiences with ballet exams and the Royal Academy of Dance and now it’s their time to shine and work as a group to bring together this school wide production. For many of the children it will be their first time in a theatre and the first time to really see all their dance steps come to life in a 30 minute ballet.

Our team of teachers are all very excited to be working with Jenna. Each dance has been crafted to show case the steps the children have been working on and towards over the past terms. The show will demonstrate not only their classical ballet skills but also the much loved character or folk style dances that the children also learn as part of the syllabus. The complexity for the children will come in the form of note only remembering the steps but also floor patterning, partnering, performance and story telling. The children love taking the steps they know and watching them come alive.

Should you wish your child to be part of this wonderful experience contact please contact us on 07515 522 792 or email