The Night Before Xmas Show!

The Night Before Xmas Ballet Show!

When I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance and decided to open my own ballet school my mission was to create a friendly dance school open to all with a quality teaching that would inspire the students to work to the best of their ability and create lasting happy memories of this beautiful art form.

It was also my intention to create performance opportunities to take the ballet experience to the next level. When it comes to teaching ballet we never quite know what age group of children are going to be our students, with Bluebirds Ballet School when I opened the doors 6 years ago there was real demand for preschool ballet. So I put my dreams of creating an end of year show to creating fun classes that would promote the joy of ballet and hoped the children would continue with their ballet studies. The school has now grown up and those children are ready to put on their first show! On Sunday 27th November 2016 they will be dancing a 1 Act Ballet of The Night Before Christmas, approximately 100 children will be performing at the Sarah Siddon’s Theatre in Paddington. The show has been choreographed by Jenna Lee, previous soloist with the English National Ballet and choreographer of the renowned London Children’s Ballet Company. The children as already very excited and eager to work hard in making the show the best they can. Most of them have had experiences with ballet exams and the Royal Academy of Dance and now it’s their time to shine and work as a group to bring together this school wide production. For many of the children it will be their first time in a theatre and the first time to really see all their dance steps come to life in a 30 minute ballet.

Our team of teachers are all very excited to be working with Jenna. Each dance has been crafted to show case the steps the children have been working on and towards over the past terms. The show will demonstrate not only their classical ballet skills but also the much loved character or folk style dances that the children also learn as part of the syllabus. The complexity for the children will come in the form of note only remembering the steps but also floor patterning, partnering, performance and story telling. The children love taking the steps they know and watching them come alive.

Should you wish your child to be part of this wonderful experience contact please contact us on 07515 522 792 or email

10 Things You May Not Know About Ballet

10 Things about Ballet

If you’re new to ballet, you might be unaware of its rich and varied history. Here, then, are 10 ballet facts. Did you know…

  1. Historians believe that the first ballet performances occurred almost 500 years ago in Italy, and that the dancers were required to wear masks and incredibly heavy costumes that made movement very difficult.
  2. The word ‘ballet’ comes from the Latin word ‘ballare’, which simply means ‘to dance’.
  3. It can take as many as 90 hours to hand craft the perfect professional tutu. With one person working eight hours a day, that equates to over two weeks of work.
  4. Experts have estimated that a professional male ballerina lifts an average of one tonne during each performance. That’s about the same as a fully grown polar bear!
  5. Film stars Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) all took ballet lessons when they were younger.
  6. Most pointe shoes are created so that they can fit either foot. However, once you decide which is for your left and which is for your right, switching feet is not recommended.
  7. French court ballet was incredibly popular during the reign of King Louis XIV, who founded the Académie Royale de Danse (Royal Dance Academy) in 1661 to create standards and ensure dance instructors were good enough to teach.
  8. Traditional ballets are performed with classical music, and often use elaborate costumes and staging.
  9. Three of the most celebrated ballerinas of all time are Anna Pavlova, Margot Fonteyn and Alicia Markova.
  10. Most experts consider The Nutcracker, composed in 1891 by Tchaikovsky, to be the most popular ballet of all time. It was first performed in St. Petersberg in December 1892.

Here at Bluebirds Ballet School, we offer classes for clients across London, including in Kensal Rise, Maida Vale, Marylebone and North Kensington. Contact us today for more information – you might learn something new!

The Health Benefits of Ballet for Children

Health Benefits of Ballet for Children


If any of your children have expressed an interest and eagerness in dance, then ballet classes could be the ideal way for them to have fun while also getting fit and healthy at the same time.
It doesn’t matter whether they are two or 12 years old, ballet classes with us in London, Maida Vale, Kensal Rise, Marylebone and North Kensington can help promote physical strength and agility, boost concentration and also help the child to develop an understanding of music and rhythm that not many other hobbies can.

Here are the benefits of signing your child up to a quality ballet class at Bluebirds Ballet

The physical benefits

Like most forms of dancing, ballet is very physically intense. Your child will improve their muscular strength and flexibility while dancing. Ballet can also improve overall cardiovascular health and stamina.

The social benefits

Ballet classes give kids a chance to meet others with similar interests and attending these classes regularly can help children forge new friendships and overcome shyness, while also improving their teamwork and communication skills.

The emotional benefits

Not only is ballet a great way to improve physical health, but it can also significantly improve a child’s mental and emotional health. As they continue to master more challenging routines, they are left feeling full of confidence and pride. This self-esteem boost can carry over to other aspects of life. Dancing is also a way of relaxing and forgetting a lot of stresses that they may have in school, as well as being a productive way of getting rid of excess energy in the evenings.

Educational benefits

The challenging ballet combinations are proven to enhance sensory awareness and cognition. The better the child gets at ballet, the more their attention and memory skills improve. These are skills that can benefit your child in all areas of life.