All students aged five years and above learn the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and have the opportunity to complete annual examinations or presentations.
To ensure safe dance practice, candidates must have reached the following minimum age by:
1 January (for exam sessions taking place between January and August); or
1 September (for exam sessions taking place between September and December), in the year the exam takes place:

LevelMinimum age
Pre-Primary in Dance5
Primary in Dance6
Grades 1-57
Grades 6-811
Intermediate Foundation11
Advanced Foundation13
Advanced 114
Advanced 215
Solo Seal Award15

Examination Sessions Dates 2016

7 March – 24 March 2016
23 May – 17 June 2016
31 October – 20 November 2016

Below is a helpful guide for parents to better understand the hours of study and practice required to complete each grade.

Recommend Hours of Study

QualificationGuided Learning
Practice HoursStudy (Notional
Learning) Hours
Grade 1601070
Grade 2601070
Grade 3601095
Grade 4752095
Grade 5752095
Grade 69040130
Grade 79040130
Grade 89040130
Intermediate Foundation150125275
Advanced Foundation150125275
Advanced 1150175325
Advanced 2150225375