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Dance & Performance (8-14)

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Dance & Performance is a ballet-based class designed to help dancers progress their expressiveness whilst dancing a classical piece. Twenty percent of the graded RAD ballet exams marks are given for performance. We have noticed that some children (whilst technically strong) lack the confidence of performing or in expression and their marks reflect this.

The dance pieces are mainly demi-character solo’s, duos and trios. The children are involved in choosing the characters, music and steps. The class is a great way of working as team to build the dance and story. Students learn how to relate the steps they have learnt in class with different pieces of music and learn to make their own choreography.

This term the students have been dancing and acting the role of Little Red Riding Hood.

Within these classes were possible to we also extend the student past the steps in their graded work and show them steps to aspire too.

The class is not only fun but also benefits better exam results, builds confidence, enhances team skills, creative thinking and enjoyment of dance in general.

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