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Pointe Work Preparation

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Pointe Work Preparation class is designed to prepare students for dancing en pointe. With particular focus on strengthening the feet, ankles, legs and core, exercises are created to enhance ballet technique and artistry, whilst embarking on one of the most exciting journeys for a ballet dancer – the journey to dancing in pointe shoes.

This class consists of barre and centre work where the students wear special demi-pointe shoes, progressing to pointe shoes when the teacher decides they are ready. Sometimes the students will work in bare feet when activating the intrinsic foot muscles and may use props such as Thera-bands and tennis balls to aid muscle alignment and strength.

Pointe Work Preparation class is available for students from Grade 4 and Intermediate Foundation to attend as an additional class to aid their ballet training. This is essential in preparing and sustaining students en pointe, in a healthy and safe environment.

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